To Call This Place Home

He did not look like a professional hobo in his professional rags, but there was something definitely rootless about him, as though no town nor city was his, no street, no walls, no… Continue reading

Weekly Mixed Tape: Commitment, Community, and Change

  If you were to sit across a table from me, sip coffee or some other dark brew, and engage in conversation, you’d soon glimpse the kind of girl I am. You’d probably… Continue reading

And Let It Begin With Me

  Last Friday, we abducted my dad. Blindfolded him with a red bandana, threatening him within an inch of his life if he peeked. We drove farther from the main roads, slowing down… Continue reading

This Is Your Brain On Uncertainty

  Remember back in January when I resolved 2012 would be my year for great risk? I could feel it in my bones even back then (although I was most likely confusing cold… Continue reading

Blaming Nobody But Yourself

  Here’s a confession for you: I’ve fallen out of love with blogging. (Perhaps I should have saved that for the priest instead of the congregation.) Not¬†writing¬†but blogging. And it’s not you, it’s… Continue reading

On Leaving Storyline

  It’s been two weeks since I walked out into Nashville sunshine along with a couple hundred others, every one of us seeking more than the lives we’re constantly sold by a clever… Continue reading

Writers and the Monsters We Create

    I tied an apron around my hips, checked on my section for the night, and looked for work to pass the time. The kitchen heat crept up my back, and I… Continue reading

A Secret to Living: Clumsiness is a Virtue

    I’ve always poked fun at her for it. The way the hardwood floors thunder when she walks. And it’s not because she’s heavy. In fact, she’s a tiny little thing –… Continue reading

REVIEW: You are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins

    I began reading Jeff Goins‘ new e-book with the cold eye of a critic. And that didn’t last long. “You Are A Writer” sucked me in with the opening sentence. I… Continue reading

On Standing Here and Dreaming of There

Yesterday, Jeremy Statton posted “4 Things to Remember in the Face of Change.” I mused over his writing and patted myself on the back. The last time I resisted change, I was 14… Continue reading