Happy New Year?

A few weeks ago, as I was looking up at the fireworks bursting over the water, I ran through all my 2011 resolutions in my head:

1. Buy a mattress.

2. Buy a desk.

3. Restring my guitar.

4. Book trip to Ireland ahead of time.

5. Write, write, write.

And, for the most part, I’ve been doing rather well (I mean, there were 22 resolutions on my list).  A week or so into 2011, I finally packed up the cold, uncomfortable air mattress and splurged for a plush one with boxsprings.  Last weekend, on a trip back home, my uncle and I scoured the farm buildings for anything that would pass for a desk…only to be triumphant in discovering a vintage school table – complete with various students’ initials carved into the top.  I’d been feeling rather good about the start of this new year, guitar and travel plans aside. 

Except for that one resolution: to write.

It wasn’t just a promise to write out my grocery lists ahead of time.  Or a reminder to text more frequently.  It was a bold declaration packed with all my heart’s longings in one single line.  I vowed to write more, write every day, write until I had something to publish, write until I had something I could use as a graduate school manuscript.  But in my head, it was an even grander intent.  I vowed to make 2011 the dawn of my writing career.

And that brings me to the conflict.  Why have I allowed precious time to pass without putting pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard?   Procrastination would be too simple a response.  It’s more like perfectionism, a fear of failure, a lack of discipline. 

I promised myself that once I got my laptop working again, I would write like a fiend.  And on the way home from the computer repair shop with my working computer in tow, I promised myself that once I bought a desk, then I would spend hours on end typing away.  And now that I have my desk, I’ve only made more excuses. 

So in an effort to keep all excuses at bay, I created this blog.  A written – and very public – attempt to make the new year work for me.  An endeavor to make 2011 the year I actually write.  And write well.

Here’s something to get you going: http://www.thereviewreview.net/publishing-tips/disciplineor-lack-thereof.

Any fellow humans in the world with the same high aspirations for 2011?