Musical Musing: Jakob Dylan’s “Will It Grow”

More than anything – more than watching people, more than experiencing new things, more than reading great novels (gasp!) – I find inspiration for writing in music.  Maybe it’s the rhythm, maybe it’s the repetitive, rhyming words, but I love lyrical writing.

Think about it: lyrics rarely make a song, and the base notes rarely make a song.  It’s the marriage of the two that leaves you speechless and fighting the welling tears.  The most beautiful writing mimics this.  Words should begin breathing on the page, and you should be able to hear them in your head, not unlike hearing a symphony.  That’s good writing, and that’s fantastic reading.

Here’s one of my favorite songs – “Will It Grow.”  It comes from Jakob Dylan‘s Seeing Things, his debut solo album back in 2008, an album that continually drowns me in daydreams of new metaphors and symbols.  And if you don’t gain any literary inspiration, I won’t ridicule you, I’ll merely suggest you just sit back and enjoy.

Check out the lyrics here.