Impediment #1: Laziness

The real obstacles of writing – or creating anything really – rarely include a lack of inspiration.  On your walk to work, you find inspiration in the people around you, molding them into characters that will soon make an appearance in your next story.  If you manage not to leave the house, you can discover an abundance of ideas in the music you listen to in the shower, in the magazine that’s slipped through the mail slot, in the movie you watch before bed. 

No one should be suffering from a lack of inspiration.

As much as I’d love to continue blaming the external world for its incompetency, the difficulties stem from within.  Blame it on our laziness, our insecurities, our procrastination habits.  Until we come to terms with the fact that it’s only ourselves getting in the way of achievement (and possibly fame and fortune?), there’s no hope for change.

The first barrier is undoubtedly laziness.  Just last night I put off writing because it was easier to curl up on the futon in front of a movie.  And I even justified the choice by telling myself that watching a movie about a travel writer would be good research.  But in the morning, I rolled out of bed with a self-loathing attitude and the feeling that I’m getting no closer to my personal achievements.  Which is becoming more common every day.

Just write.  Fight that laziness.  Fight it well.  If watching mindless TV sounds better than hauling out the laptop, just fight through it.  I’m not going to offer up a cute solution because everyone fights laziness differently.  Maybe you do need that STOP BEING LAZY AND WRITE poster on your wall, but it wouldn’t work for me.  Until you learn to really prioritize and stop wasting your life, you’ll never be free of that slothful feeling.  And this goes for everything in life, not only writing.  Get up and get going.  If you need to get your blood pumping, go for a run first.  Or heck, just take out the trash.  But then head back in and write.