And We’re Back Up!

It’s been a while . . . a LONG while.  I cannot remember the last time I blogged, but today’s post will be on the importance of backing up all work that you have safely stored on your computer.

I’ll admit it: I’m no good when it comes to gadgets.  Gadgets of any kind, especially computers.  My computer had been acting way out of line for months, so I decided to have it worked on professionally.  My baby was returned to me in brilliant condition.  There was no line on the horizon, and I was bound and determined to hit the keys typing, finally getting back into the writing groove that I had left behind in school.  Then, just by being my oblivious self, things went downhill.  I accidentally wiped out all information on my computer.  In seconds I lost all the stories I had ever written, all music, all programs, and even the internet connection.  Thankfully, a dear friend was able to help me out.  I was able to recover all files, and now they’re safely stored on an external hard drive.

I was berated for my stupidity.  Why didn’t I – as a writer – have my work saved elsewhere?  I don’t know.  Blame it on youth, I thought myself invincible.  But friends, I am here to tell you that none of us are, and none of our laptops are immune from destruction.  So please back up all work right now.  Go out and buy those disks, those USBs, anything you can get your hands on.  I thought I had lost all my work, work that I deem above worth.  Those stories may not be worthy of the O. Henry award, but those stories are my foundation for what is to come.

Am I the only person out there foolish enough to not back up any work?