Fact or Fiction?

When you first pull open the door of a bookstore, do you migrate towards the fiction corner or the non-fiction shelves first?

A while back, The Guardian posted an article on the changing tide of readership, citing non-fiction to be the new darling of publishers and readers around the world.  It makes sense with the great influx of self-help books and celebrity “autobiographies.”  And the memoir genre also possesses a large percentage of today’s non-fiction bestsellers.

Traditionally, I’m a fiction kind of girl.  I grew up in a house with a grandmother who could spin riveting tales out of breath and imagination, stories that would split your sides with laughter.  The adventures of  Snaggletooth Annie the witch and Blood-drops the side-kick cat.  Or her stories of Clamboat Clara chugging ’round the river bend.  Or even the spine-tingling [frequent] renditions of “Who Ate My Liver?”

I can still remember the feeling, not daring to breathe as the mysterious shadow slowly climbed the stairs – step by step – calling out all along the way, “Who . . . ate . . . my . . . liver?”  Oh, the goosebumps.  And the startle when Mommom would grab me just as the creature was rattling the doorknob.

Those stories were painfully real to me as a child.  And today, I still take in well-written fiction in the same way: goosebumps, wide eyes, fingers gripping the binding.  Good fiction can breathe life onto the page.

Now I find myself reading more and more non-fiction.  I search out biographies, journalistic essays, memoirs.

Fiction will always remain my first and truest love, but I’m falling for non-fiction more each day, filling my to-read lists with books like Black Lamb and Grey Falcon, Speak, Memory, and McCarthy’s Bar

Which do you prefer?  Has your taste changed over the years?

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