How to Tell When It’s Time to Take Some Risks

I’ve hit a brick wall in my life.

This past Sunday night, I found myself in a hazy, Edenic world: sharing greasy eggplant fries with a friend and watching one of my favorite bands – The Daylights – rock a cozy and intimate venue not far from my apartment.

Nothing could have been more perfect.

Except that it ended.

As I walked away from the stage after the concert, my heart swollen with elation, I felt the instant bite of reality deep down in my stomach.  I was no longer part of the atmosphere, the music, the creativity in the room.  I was on my way out, back on the street, back to my apartment.  And back to my normal life first thing Monday morning.

I panicked.  I prayed.  I’m pretty sure I brought on a fever.

Currently, I’m at a stagnant point in my life.  My soul is longing for an El Camino (well, I’d take any form of transportation, really) and the open road.  I want to see deserts, I want to see coasts, I want to meet people I’ve never laid eyes on before.  I want to seek the creativity that life has to offer.  And yet I’m in a place of permanence.

This isn’t the first time I’ve felt this.  But it’s the strongest I’ve felt it.

While I’m losing sleep and appetite over this, I cannot help but feel the tingling prick of anticipation.  Because I’ve made the first step: I’ve decided to take some risks.

Call it risk-taking, call it taking a leap of faith.  We are called to agency in our lives, not intended to act out the roles of helpless victims, waiting for life to happen and passively reacting with each blow.  We are the main characters of our stories, and we will never find life while taking the understudy roles.

Have you reached this point, too?

Over the next week, I plan on taking a hard look at the life I’m living, and I plan on praying for direction, for risks, for opportunities.

You know it’s time to take serious risks when the potential downside is limited but the potential upside is boundless.

Are you willing to take risks in your life?

I’m not yet sure what this means for me, but I do know that something in my life needs to change.

And it all began with a fantastic Sunday night concert.