Are You A Boring Person?

Are you boring?

Today, Writer’s Digest sent me this email: “Science Fiction Author John Scalzi Explains How Not to Be Boring” (and by all means, check out the link).

The word boring caught my attention.

I didn’t immediately think of boring authors. I thought of boring people.

Have you ever met a boring person?

A boring person is lifeless, without color.  These types glide through life on invisible puppet strings, focused more on the practicalities than the beauty and mystery of life around them.  They are blind to the vermilion leaves of the sugar maple.  They never sneak moments to stare in awe of the skyscrapers that reach heavenward above their heads.  They just press on, hurry towards the next destination.

You know the type.

You approach them at parties with engaging conversation, but the talk quickly falls flat.  Their eyes are dull and uninterested, their smiles dim and brief.  You share something interesting, hoping for a connection, but they only nod, take a drink, and look around the room.  A few minutes of this, and you’ve given up.

Have you met this person?

The truth is that we have all been this person, and we will probably step into these shoes again.

The term boring has nothing to do with personality or interests.  It has everything to do with mindset.

A boring person is one who is not living out his/her full potential in life.  They are the artists who don’t paint.  The writers who don’t write.  They’ve lost sight of their passions, their goals, their reasons for living.

They are not fully living.

A boring woman is someone who isn’t being challenged in her job, in her life.  A boring man may be stuck in the routine of his days, afraid to take some kind of risk.  A boring student is one who isn’t intellectually stimulated in her classes.  They radiate their discontent.

Juxtapose this type of person with an interesting person.  Interesting people are full of life, full of gratitude, full of awe of the world around them.  Every moment is an opportunity for growth, for adventure, for joy.  They are passionate and in love with life.

No one is born boring, but some do die boring.  It’s not a permanent personality trait.

If you are a boring writer, look inward.  Are you living life fully?  Are you being challenged enough?  Are you pursuing your art?

Boredom can only be cured with exuberance, with contentment, with risk, with passion.

Don’t be boring.