The Practical, the Conventional, and the Dull

Photo Credit: AliceNWondrlnd (Flickr)

If your life is working for you, move along.  This isn’t your kind of post.

If you’ve jumped from the covers excited to start the day each morning this week, then seriously, move on.

And if you aren’t jubilant at the approaching weekend because your life is so awesome that you don’t even want a break from it, then, dude, for your own sake, keep your mouth shut.

Because for the rest of us – and we’re the majority, dear comrades – our weeks drone on, and we wish away the hours until quitting time, and then once it arrives, we wish away the days until the weekend.

We dream of a lifetime of Friday nights, always a comfortable distance from the dreaded Monday morn.

And yet, how did we get here?  When did we begin wishing our lives away?  When did we first sell our souls to boring jobs in order to buy fancy cars and eat fancy foods and stay a step ahead of the fancy neighbors?

Is there a single soul out there gaining fulfillment from this lifestyle?

The cure lies in story.  Would you make it through the story of your life, or would you toss aside the book around page 34?

I was ready to toss aside my story at page nine.  But no longer.  I’ve decided to take a risk.

Today is my last day at work, my last time in a swivel chair, my last time in a cubicle [for now].  I’m quitting my job and leaving behind a steady salary.

I’m headed on a spontaneous road trip of Ireland.

I’m up for the NaNoWriMo challenge in November.

I’m preparing graduate school applications for creative writing programs all over the country.

I’m finally acting out the role of protagonist in my own life.  I’m pushing ahead instead of waiting for life to happen.  For years I’ve only wanted to travel, to write, to uncover some good in this world.  From here on out, expect this blog to get a bit risky (risky, not risque).

Because I’m sick of living the practical, the conventional, and the dull.

Who’s with me?  Any takers willing to risk and sacrifice for an adventurous story?