The Best Bits of the Week: POTSC, Matthew Mayfield, Storyline Conference, and More

Friday again.

Feel free to post your best bits of the week – articles, music, movies, TV, events, poetry, prose, photography, books, even your own blog posts that I may have missed in the hustle and bustle of the American work week.

Don’t be humble, I’ll need a little inspiration for weekend projects.


ONE: The “Labels Lie” Campaign

Have you come across People of the Second Chance yet? Their mission is simple, honest, mind-blowing, and raw, and it’s this: Grace is radical.

If you’re interested in overturning the misconceptions of the world, if you’re willing to strip away the labels, join the movement here and drastically alter your perspective.


TWO: Matthew Mayfield

Not too long ago, Matthew partnered with Pledge Music to take his new album from rough cuts to seamless album gems. And as if the promise of a new album wasn’t enough, you receive exclusive content and gifts for varying levels of pledge amounts. I may or may not be awaiting handwritten lyrics from the handsome fellow himself. Check out the project here, and pledge a little pocket change. Don’t make me wait too long for this album, folks.

Here are a few of my favorites, and you can judge for yourself:

1. “A Cycle” off Now You’re Free

2. “Lives Entwined” off Five Chances Remain Hers

3. “Element” off The Fire EP

And he does a killer cover of U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name” here. And you know how I feel about those Irish boys.


THREE: “final wish . . .”

This poem needs no introduction, no endorsement from me. Just read it.


FOUR: “The Ten Best Things that Writing Gives Me”

Writer Andi Cumbo spells out only ten advantages of writing, no matter whether professional or personal. She reminds writers that the art of words is a gift, one to be embraced with excitement and fascination reserved for Christmas mornings. Because it gives us writers purpose. And above all, we need purpose.

More than anything in the world, writing gives me peace. I sincerely believe this is because I am doing what I was made to do. Nothing fills me up or settles me down . . . nothing opens me up or grounds me like writing.


FIVE: Storyline Conference

This year, Donald Miller’s Storyline Conference is taking on two additional locations, joining the Portland backdrop: Nashville and Santa Barbara. This two day event focuses on using the elements of story to guide you towards a meaningful life, emphasizing the role of producer rather than consumer when it comes to living.

I’m particularly interested in the Nashville location, and trying to decide whether or not I can register without sucking my bank account dry (it’s not that expensive, it’s just that I’m a freelance writer).

Anyone else thinking of registering?

I think I need to be in attendance. I cannot imagine the world of possibility that lies in overlapping story and living.


SIX: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Having visited Savannah a couple weeks ago, I’ve gotten my hands on this nonfiction account of the city’s oddest characters. It’s been compared to Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, but I’m not yet convinced.

Have you read it yet? It’s proving a fascinating read – human eccentricity never fails to entertain.

So let’s hear your thoughts, your opinions, your best bits of the week!