The Best Bits of the Week: Dating, Love Stories, Johnny Flynn, and More


In not much more than a month from now, we’ll officially be able to smell spring on the air.

I’m looking forward to days spent writing outside, sending emails from the porch instead of the usual desk and writing with pen and paper on blankets stretched out in the grass.

And there’s not anything more comforting than the sound of spring peepers late at night or the distant thunder of a sprawling summer storm.

While we’re still stuck inside for a bit longer, here’s some weekend inspiration to keep you motivated and diligent and sipping hot chocolate by the woodstove.


ONE: “Date a Girl Who Reads”

Just when I thought Rosemarie could not have said it any better, she added this at the end:

“Or better yet, date a girl who writes.”

My heart sounded a hearty amen at that.


TWO: “A Love Story (In 3 Acts)”

This piece is a brilliant reminder that if we’re currently struggling with our art, currently frustrated beyond belief and wondering whether or not to get out of bed in the morning, it’s only because we’re in the conflict stage of the creative process. As much as it hurts, we can only make it to Act III (the resolution stage) by soldiering through the murkiness with our sleeves rolled up. And perhaps our pant legs as well.

Keith’s post is a motivating one, and the U2 allusion is just icing on the cake.


THREE: “Words for My Daughter”

I had the privilege of getting to talk to Jim this week, and I couldn’t help but be impressed by his creative vision. I love talking to other creatives. I never liked the image of the artist slaving away alone off in a tower, scrawling by moonlight. I’ll take the moonlight but not the isolation.

Art needs community to thrive.

Jim’s letter to his daughter is beautiful, and I think that all of humanity longs to hear those very words, to hear those words of love, to hear that call to life. 


FOUR: Johnny Flynn

I have a bad habit of downloading music and forgetting to listen. I found this musical jewel on the American Songwriter Sessions album over at Noise Trade. [Hint: You can still download the compilation for FREE].

If I told you that I’d only listened to this song a few dozen times, I’d be lying. Because I’ve listened to it a hundred times already. In sweet repetition.

Enjoy the music, and enjoy the poetry. This fellow is a wordsmith.

“Churlish May”


FIVE: Book Recommendations

I’m in need of a new book.

I currently have my hands on Kate Morton’s The Distant Hours, and I need to buy Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. But do you have any recommendations for the next books on my list?

Have you read a good book lately?

Seen a good movie?

Written an incredible post?

Let me know about it.