REVIEW: You are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins



I began reading Jeff Goins‘ new e-book with the cold eye of a critic.

And that didn’t last long.

“You Are A Writer” sucked me in with the opening sentence.

I could hardly go a full page without scribbling down a quote, and I could hardly go the length of a line without wishing I had written the words myself.

The beauty of this e-book – and all of Jeff’s writing for that matter – lies in the pairing of lofty inspiration and gritty practicalities. He writes:

These words have the power to move and motivate strangers, to shake the earth and rattle the heavens. If only she would share them.

But he later admits:

Nobody ever tells you this. That writing takes more hours and energy than you’d ever be able to plan for. That no one cares about you as the writer until you’ve actually written something. That what you write isn’t as important as getting your work in front of the right people. That, above all, if you don’t love it, you’re kind of screwed.

Soaring dreams and bruised knuckles all in the same book. It sounds a little like life.


I read this at a critical point in my life.

As you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted much this week. What started with a raucous weekend fueled by two NEEDTOBREATHE concerts, ended with the realization that nothing seems to be going right in my everyday life (from my perspective, of course).

Especially writing.

And then I read this.

According to Jeff, this is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s called losing steam, feeling trapped, wondering why your passion feels more like coal than flame, and it’s normal.

But what comes next is pivotal. The moment everything in life is riding on. The point where you give up or lean into the struggle with every bit of strength.

This is where you “stop writing for accolades, and start writing for passion.”

“You Are A Writer” reads like a life or death situation, and that’s exactly what this is. We’re either living out what we’re most passionate about, or we’re stepping a little closer to death – the ultimate luxury – every day.

This isn’t melodrama. 

It’s real life.

Showing up to write is a battle we’ll wage with the dragon Resistance until the day we die.

And this e-book is your guide to brandishing that sword, lifting that shield, and charging forward with the knowledge that “the fear of something is always scarier than the thing itself.”


Behind all the professional advice and motivation, Jeff makes it personal. He chronicles his misconceptions, his failures, and his victories as an underdog in the literary world, which is where all authors start [unless you have an ego the size of TIME Magazine‘s circulation and were christened Jonathan Franzen].

This e-book covers pitfalls of the writing life, expert tips from the industry, and exactly what it takes to make it.

So whether or not the world hears your message – whether you leave the impact you were born to make – is entirely up to you.

So start calling yourself a writer, and start acting like one.

I’m joining you.


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