Elizabeth Hudson is a staff writer at National Geographic Magazine and the author of three best-selling books, including Stuck in a Moment: A Year on Tour with U2. Her most recent work of fiction, Homeland, won the 2011 Man Booker Prize. She is currently a Nobel Prize nominee. Elizabeth divides her time between Charleston, South Carolina and Dublin, Ireland with her wildly attractive musician husband and bloodhound.

— is what I once wrote in a college creative writing course where the professor had urged us to write the dream biographical clips that would one day grace the jackets of our books. Mine sounded something like the fantastic rubbish above. Especially the wildly attractive musician part.

So I’m none of that.

But I’m a twenty-something reader, writer, wanderer, and dreamer who quit her job in one of the big cities to pursue something beyond what society defines as everyday life.

I’m a farm-raised country girl who loves being barefoot, playing guitar, owning way too many U2 shirts, lurking in dimly lit coffee shops and libraries, and pushing the speed limit on the open road.

You, my friend, can call me Lizzie.

And you can contact me at enhudson16 at gmail dot com.