I Hope This Gets To You

. . I’ve been reading letters lately. It seems as if everyone is writing letters to their past selves or future selves, and I love it. But I’m not worried about the ambitious… Continue reading

How Blue Like Jazz Started an Artistic Revolution

; ; If you’re a dreamer of any sort, if you’re a timid, first-time entrepreneur, if you’re a seasoned creative itching to make a larger impact, then you should take heed of the… Continue reading

Unforeseeable Pause

Due to technical problems with both my laptop and wi-fi service, I’ll be taking a short blogging break. Hopefully things will be back up and running soon. Make this week really count, friends.

The Beauty in Being Undone

  Contradictory to popular thought, stories never truly end. “And they lived happily ever after” doesn’t exist, no matter how the author penned it. Tales end with split-second tableau vivants: the protagonist leaning in for… Continue reading

And May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

  Long before the sun spilled its color over the fields of winter wheat, I hit the road running. I live in an area swallowed by farmland, by cedar swamps, by woods choked… Continue reading

A Dangerous Way of Thinking

    I didn’t post on Wednesday. I called it my “day of rebellion,” but it felt more like a day of sulking than anything. Because frankly, my dear readers, I do give a… Continue reading

Five Ways Gilead Will Change Your Life

There comes a time in every reader’s life when one book will slow the present. One book will change the way the rest of life is lived. For me, this took the form… Continue reading

Five Irish Writers You Should Be Reading

  Ireland is a small island of a country. I discovered this while driving its main roads from Galway to Dublin and its coastal roads from Cork to Wicklow in no time at… Continue reading

Writing Longhand: Why It Deserves Your Attention Again [Part II]

  On Monday I listed a few reasons on how returning to longhand could improve your art. I promise you, it’s a long way from elementary cursive and college blue books. If you’re still… Continue reading

Writing Longhand: Why It Deserves Your Attention Again [Part I]

  At ten years old, I owned a library of “novels” I’d penned in marbled composition books. The handwriting looped and too large for the lines, crowded out by doodles in the margins.… Continue reading