The Weekly Mixed Tape: Snail Mail, Stories, Goats, and More

  This weekend I’m taking a road trip. Not an adventurous one, but a much-needed trip to see my parents and sweet baby sister. I’m predicting coffee and tea by the wood stove, old… Continue reading

How to Be Hungry [Part II]

  Hunger rarely has to do with food. We hear it all the time in music, in literature, in conversations. She hungers for love, he hungers for purpose, they hunger for God. We hunger for so much in… Continue reading

How to Be Hungry [Part I]

  In our modern society of constant innovation and progress, we know nothing of hunger. We drop change into cups held out by homeless hands, we watch documentaries of little faces with wide… Continue reading

Weekly Mixed Tape: Steal Like An Artist, Downton Abbey, Facebook Creeping, and More

  If you’re reading this, give yourself a hearty slap on the back. Because you’ve made it to Friday. It’s been some week. And my guess is that it’ll be some weekend, too.… Continue reading

All That You Can’t Leave Behind

  Imagine this: Bones tired and muscles thin, you lie buried deep within sheets, blankets, pillows. You can barely hear the steady beeping of the IV monitor or the constant ticking of the clock over… Continue reading

Wait for it . . .

Morning, folks! Posts will be a little late this week due to a family emergency. I definitely plan on continuing with the Monday, Wednesday, Friday self-imposed posting schedule. Have a great Tuesday! And… Continue reading

The Weekly Mixed Tape: Community, Browning Lovers, Chad Stokes, and More

  Before I lay down some of the best articles, books, and tunes I’ve found this week, I want to ask a question: What have you given up for Lent? Or, better yet,… Continue reading

How Long to Sing This Song?

  The Lenten season is upon us. And chances are that you already know it, especially if you spent yesterday in wild culinary debauchery. Today marks the 40 days of preparation before Easter… Continue reading

Beauty Will Save The World [And Your Art]

  Sooner or later, you get it. You’re walking along, seeing only the routine of each step, and suddenly, you’re struck by it. And if it’s already happened to you, you know what… Continue reading

The Best Bits of the Week: Dating, Love Stories, Johnny Flynn, and More

  In not much more than a month from now, we’ll officially be able to smell spring on the air. I’m looking forward to days spent writing outside, sending emails from the porch… Continue reading