The Biggest Threat to Our Art

We blame it on the critics, on our lack of time and our myriad of responsibilities, on the deaf ears of the muses, on Twitter, on Pinterest and all those other social distractions.… Continue reading

All We Need is Love

[WARNING: This post might get passionate.] As artists, creatives, societal deviants of the highest order, we all want to mock this holiday, spurn the commercialized celebration of red and pink-laced love. But as… Continue reading

The Best Bits of the Week: POTSC, Matthew Mayfield, Storyline Conference, and More

Friday again. Feel free to post your best bits of the week – articles, music, movies, TV, events, poetry, prose, photography, books, even your own blog posts that I may have missed in… Continue reading

People of the Second Chance

Today I wrote something for the People of the Second Chance blog, revealing a bit of my heart, something I try to steer clear of on here. It’s a part of their Labels… Continue reading

Speak Up: Finding that Tongue of Yours

There are days when I feel like I’m standing at the foot of the Tower of Babel. I sit still and listen, nod my head in the socially accepted manner of feedback, and… Continue reading

Coffee Shop Blues

As I write this, I’m tucked into the corner of a coffeehouse, elbows on the table, sleeves pulled up, my right shoulder gently grazing a display of cakes, white icing piped along in… Continue reading

The Best Bits of the Week: Prodigal Magazine, Downton Abbey, Rhett Butler, and More

With such a title, it must be Friday, the sweetest of words. As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post on innovation, each Friday post will focus on all the innovative art spread out over… Continue reading

Who Ever Said This Would Be Easy?

When I see a piece of art for the first time, it hits me. R It stops me every time I read a sentence so melodic that I cannot continue until I’ve paused a… Continue reading

The Beauty of the Long Drive Home

Two weeks ago, we decided upon an impromptu adventure. A road trip. Two days after our decision, I awoke to my alarm clock telling me it’d be hours before I saw the sun.… Continue reading

How One Word Could Change Your Future

Less is more. . Or haven’t you heard? . On Tuesday I mentioned a revolutionary concept I stole from soon-to-be novelist Leigh Kramer (and I believe she first heard about it here). Instead… Continue reading