How to Begin a New Year (And I Mean This One)

I’m back. . After weeks of applying to MFA programs, chasing down letters of recommendation, filling in blank after blank with personal information (not to mention the days spent shopping, wrapping, and decorating),… Continue reading

A World AIDS Day Plea

My heart bleeds. With every glimpse of little faces, beautiful smiles, and pleading eyes, my heart bleeds. I’ve seen them, and you’ve seen them. Those children on TV, on websites, on the cover… Continue reading

A Quick Note Before the Weekend Begins

Happy Friday, all! This week I guest posted for Abigail Smith, blogger of Underlined and Bold, talking about my recent travels to Ireland and everything I learned along the way. Check out “The Good, the… Continue reading

[Guest Post] Leaving Alaska by Abigail Smith

Today’s post is a wonderfully written piece of memoir by Abigail Smith of Grab yourself a mug of coffee and settle down – this girl is brilliant and adventurous, but more importantly,… Continue reading

Running to a Stand Still: A Ballad of Moving and Not Moving Enough

Could you recommend a cure? Back in September, I moved. Cardboard boxes piled high, five family members carrying awkward furniture down three flights of stairs, down the long sidewalk, and into the moving… Continue reading

Happy Friday and The Best Bits of the Week

Good day, friends! Why the chipper greeting, you ask? Because it’s finally Friday. And although this week marked my first full five days of unemployment and dedication to freelance and other writings, it’s… Continue reading

The Practical, the Conventional, and the Dull

If your life is working for you, move along.  This isn’t your kind of post. If you’ve jumped from the covers excited to start the day each morning this week, then seriously, move… Continue reading

Six Reasons Why You and I are Losing the Creative Battle to Resistance

This post came close to never seeing the light of your computer screen.   This blog got a little too close to deletion.   I could invoke the ubiquitous excuse of a busy… Continue reading

Are You A Boring Person?

Are you boring? Today, Writer’s Digest sent me this email: “Science Fiction Author John Scalzi Explains How Not to Be Boring” (and by all means, check out the link). The word boring caught… Continue reading

Art, Life, and Frederick the Mouse: Savoring Moments

Back when I still wore denim jumpers and frilly socks, back when I still drank chocolate milk every morning while sitting in my uncle’s lap at the kitchen table, my mother read to… Continue reading