Your Favorite Books on Writing

If you were to ask me what I wanted more than anything in the world, my selfish answer would be to author a book, to author dozens of books!  But surprise me at… Continue reading

Why You Might As Well Befriend Rejection

All beginning writers, experienced writers, and even, perhaps, award-winning writers are daily reminded of the great writing nemesis: rejection.  We read articles about it in writing magazines and hear about it from our published… Continue reading

One Novel in One Month

Have you heard of this?  I stumbled across National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) after a friend mentioned it in conversation.  Writing a book in one month?  I had to check it out.  And… Continue reading

Good Morning, Friday!

Good morning, all!  It’s a beautiful thing to wake up in the morning and realize you’re on the cusp of weekend.  Tonight I’m taking off for upstate New York to see my best… Continue reading

No Comparisons

Yesterday morning, mug of coffee in hand, I scanned my Google Reader for new blog posts, and Jon Acuff’s guest post on Michael Hyatt’s blog left me astounded.  Acuff was asked to talk about… Continue reading

And We’re Back Up!

It’s been a while . . . a LONG while.  I cannot remember the last time I blogged, but today’s post will be on the importance of backing up all work that you… Continue reading

Cambridge in March

Spending a little time in Cambridge this week, I began thinking of how many great authors/poets hail from the Boston area.  Louisa May Alcott, Anne Bradstreet, e.e. cummings, Emily Dickinson, W.E.B. Du Bois,… Continue reading

A Writer’s Saturday Night In

Last weekend, I canceled all my Saturday night plans.  I did all my errands in the morning, got back into my pajamas while the sun was still high, closed the curtains and lit… Continue reading

Procrastination Tips

Here’s an article I found just in time for the weekend: How to Quit Putting Things Off.  Sounds simple, but it’s filled with some pretty good advice.  Including something called a SnuzNLuz, which… Continue reading

Impediment #3: Really? Must I Keep Going?

It turns out that as I was lecturing about the pitfalls of the writer’s life, I was falling hard for those pitfalls all over again.  I can’t help it, I’m irrevocably in love… Continue reading