Impediment #2: Procrastination (with a little wisdom from Walter Mosley)

Laziness and procrastination are not always synonymous. Laziness is the disinclination to work.  Think about those sticky summer afternoons where moving seems nearly impossible.  Procrastination can be laziness, but as writers, we are good at… Continue reading

Impediment #1: Laziness

The real obstacles of writing – or creating anything really – rarely include a lack of inspiration.  On your walk to work, you find inspiration in the people around you, molding them into… Continue reading

Mourning Brian Jacques, Author of Redwall

I grew up in a literary house.  My favorite books as a child included Jane Eyre and The Hound of the Baskervilles. And when I wanted to take in the occasional movie, I watched Masterpiece Theatre and… Continue reading

Musical Musing: Jakob Dylan’s “Will It Grow”

More than anything – more than watching people, more than experiencing new things, more than reading great novels (gasp!) – I find inspiration for writing in music.  Maybe it’s the rhythm, maybe it’s… Continue reading

Stealing from Hemingway

I don’t advise that you mimic Hemingway’s life. But I do recommend that you take up one of his books, The Sun Also Rises or For Whom the Bell Tolls, and study.  Not content. … Continue reading

An Environmental Cause

I love advice.  In fact, the world loves advice.  We all love to eat our buttered toast in front of the morning talk show, absorbing tips on how to wear red this season… Continue reading

Happy New Year?

A few weeks ago, as I was looking up at the fireworks bursting over the water, I ran through all my 2011 resolutions in my head: 1. Buy a mattress. 2. Buy a… Continue reading